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I have a Buckskin gelding that is 20 years old and looks and acts about 10. I have had him for about 6 years and was told he was a great trail horse - great show horse etc. Well they were correct about the show horse as I did check with the Quarter Horse Assoc. AFTER I bought him. Needless to say there were many things I did incorrectly.
For just over a year now I have not rode my horse as our last ride consisted of a run down into a dry ditch and then back up through a barbed wire fence. The previous 4 to 5 years I did ride him every day and it was a white knuckle ride every step of the way. My horse most likely never rode outside of an arena, but I was bound and determined that he and I (who was not very experienced-but am now) would overcome his fears. Not so. After several tests we did find out he was having seizures and this fear he had most likely would never pass. However, since then he and I walk everyday like a girl (57) and her dog!. He is content with this and feels no fear as long as I am in front of him.
I have had MANY trainers try and attend to him and for the most part we did fine. But after my last ride - I could hear the voice say " I have given you 92 chances! - you just had your last warning!) Now not to make light of this but I agreed.
I have vowed never to turn my horse over to another owner - ever! I want him to enjoy his life now. Needless to say he is one of my very best friends but its time to find him a friend now. One of his own kind. Therefore I am looking for a horse that is gentle yet a horse that my guy is going to feel comfort and protection with. I want him to feel comfortable enough to lay down for more than 5 minutes at a time. A horse that I can ride and pony my horse with.
I am looking for a horse that needs a good, a great home. Gets fed 6 times a day and is never in need for anything. Great shelter and space. But the catch is this horse must be FREE to me. I have the means to care for another horse but not to buy another horse.
So if there is anyone out there who knows of such a situation please respond to CHAMP or contact me at 505-301-5820
Many thanks
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